Rockford Mass Transit District wanted to debut the new style of buses at the Senior Expo. They gave us very specific criteria to follow: price, quantity, USA made, bright colors and a daily use item (bus fare). The uniqueness of these buses were their ability to lower themselves at a bus stop to lessen the “step up” height for the riders. We also learned that the name of the bus manufacturer was Flexible and they wished to conduct a 10 question survey. The item was a flexible vinyl pocket coin holder imprinted with “When it comes to Change…We’re Flexible!”. Also, a matching neon pencil. Two pennies were inserted in each holder and booth personnel rattled them to get the attention of attendees. “Would you like one?” “Please give us your 2 cents on our survey!” This campaign was not only repeated five times, but got the immediate attention of the seniors and a 100% return rate on the surveys.


Often you just need to get some attention so why not have a little fun in the process. Pierce Chemical is always developing new products and, within a delivery box, is the perfect way to introduce it to existing customers.
An animal is used to depict the not-so-obvious characteristics of the chemical. A doberman pinscher stuffed toy told about the agressiveness and fast-acting of a new “property identifying” chemical. A rubber duck brought attention to a cleanser “that was gentle enough for a child.”
If you are a regular customer, I envision a zoo surrounding your work area in no time.


Ingersoll Cutting Tools faced us with the challenge of “dressing” their employees at a trade show to match the existing designs on the trade show booth header and their literature. The photos involved shaved metal as a result of using a cutting tool and casting a blue light on the scattered curls. We used that same photo and “wet dyed” neckties for all those working the booth. The response from the attendees as they walked closer and realized the image was the real Wow! factor.


When Greenlee Textron needed to show off their new product (The Gator…a gripping device for the electrical industry), they wanted to do it in a huge way. The campaign involved renting a tent, a pond and tropical plants for outside the trade show hall. Everyone knew that the true show of the product was allowing the client to actually use it on site. These leather gloves provided a safe way to use The Gator while standing 6 feet from a rented live alligator! Needless to say, it got everyone’s attention, whether you were in the market for the tool or not, which resulted in a lot of show buzz and spectators.


When Skyward Promotions turned 20 years old, it was time to have a birthday party! We invited two representatives from twenty not-for-profits to our office. We enjoyed lunch together and we made a financial donation to each group because we truly believe in what they do for our community. Everyone also received a paper cube gift. The graphics on each side were four different kinds of cake and phrases that connected a Skyward Promotions characteristic to the properties of cake. The top of the cube had a hole to hold a pen, but during the party, candles were inserted to complete the full effect.