What’s New at American Business Solutions…

Our new Photography Gallery!

When a person has been in a profession for 25+ years, they often find a sidebar that turns into a hobby or a passion of sorts.    Mine is photography.  I am a member of the Rockford Photo Club and Skyward Promotions has produced a fully custom calendar since 2006.   See some of my work under […]

Remembering the QR Codes in your artwork.

More and more, clients are including their specific QR Codes in the artwork.  The latest examples:   1.  On the coffee cup sleeves for a not-for-profit encouraging donations.  2.  And on the t-shirts for a walk-a-thon guiding everyone to the segment of their website with all the results of the event.

See some of our proudest work.  Go to Portfolio and then Campaigns.    The reasons and stories behind the products are even better.  We would be happy to share them with you if it would help your brainstorming for a future campaign of your own.

Skyward team heads to Chicago!

The Skyward Promotions’ team travels to Chicago in mid-July for our association’s annual conference. We are spending Day #1 with Tony Robbins for a boost in “everything important to success.” And Day #2 learning about new products and researching marketing ideas for our clients. If you have something for us to work on for you, […]

Skyward Promotions’ president Tim Larson will appear on a speakers panel at the next Rockford Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Buzz. When: Wednesday, JULY 18th, 2012. Our topic: “Maximizing Your Trade Show Success in Gaining Business” Location: Rock Valley College Woodward Tech Center at 7:30am Come learn with us…Education is Power!

As you might have noticed, the SkywardPromotions.com has had a major update! We appreciate you checking it out and invite your response to how it’s working for you. If there is anything we can do to make your time here easier, please use our Contact Form or call us at 815-969-0909. Thanks for visiting!